October 3, 2017

under construction IV

in the morning, it started out with a bit of rain, but the workers all knew that there is more to come...
as for me, i had a few things to do in the city and as catious as i was, took the bus instead as usual my bike. i do prefere the bike, it's so much faster and riding along the bike path is good for my soule.
but the rain was not waiting until the roof shingles were unloaded up on the roof. it poured down like it hat not over a few weeks. a long hour of, water coming down for those hard labourers on our roof. and it could not be moved by an hour or two, as the truck was here and the driver wanted to unload now and not first take a coffee hour...

when i came back at 10am it looked like this and the rain almost stopped!
i really felt for those guys, all dripping as if we would have picked them out of a rushing river.
at least the weather was getting better (honestly it just could get better), and by the afternoon it was sunny and the sunglasses had to be put on. well, it has been like that with the renovation of our roof, mostly extrems of weather, either rain as here or than hot and everyone an ice creme and lots of water.
it's the last few days and we already enjoy the new roof windows. tomorrw the painter is pealing off all the tape from the window panes. the frames look new and shiny. next week the scaffolding is taken away. we will be on vacation and the cleaning will have to wait... :)

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