October 4, 2017

evening all around

that's just about what it looked a couple hours ago...
what a day, so many different activities. i guess i could rather say tasks and teaching were happening. and me in the middle of it. biking here and there to be quick and serving coffee, sitting down with my niece for a late breakfast. cooking lunch and everyone loving it (for a change i took the griddle out and made nice piece of meat....) even naomi complimented me on it. i guess she has been missing it, without me noticing really, or rather deciding not to notice. maybe i will take out the griddle more frequently and earn points with my daughter.

as it was astonishing tonight, to look into the north-west and see the sky after sun down, it was not less impressive to watch the moon rise in the south-east. a full moon coming up behind those trees and being just how such a celestial body would want to show itself to me. since that hour, while taking the photos (of course standing on the scaffolding on the top...), i have been looking out the windows a few times and it is still awe striking. the big moon looking down to me. i'm glad it's quiet in the house, thea in bed and i can stand still and stare!

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Angela said...

so very beautiful... each moment shared here!
blessings for the full moon x