October 9, 2017

under construction V

and as i write this post, the builders are aldready taking the scaffolding down. at the end it all went very quick. and even with the best kind of weather that we could have wished for.
our roof is brand spanking new, including the six windows (uups, no one of them we could reuse and the carpenters did a fine job fitting that one in just perfect).
for certain the roof is leak proof as it has been raining a lot on it, without the roof tiles beeing up. the metal workers closed the last few corners yesterday and we had to cut some chicken wire crumple it up and stuff it into two little corners. i'm glad the workers remembered, as it prohibits the weasle and the marten to enter into the roof and make their homes under the tiles. not to say, that i really like those little furry animals, but please use the wood pile or any other nature given resource to build your home and habitat, not my roof...

a little celebration at the end was called for. and that is definitely the easiest for me to contribute to the success of this renovation. a big thank you to all those skilled workers, making our house safe again for a long time to come.

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