March 28, 2018

bossa nova

slowly but steadely, the two of them finding the rhythm together. it is a wonderful thing to be working in the office and all of a sudden realizing, that there is something wonderful going on in the living room. it's just music, and music is happening more and more in our house.
of course there is the regular practice hours (not 60 minute hours... just a saying), but when some of the practicing is being done not just by one self, this is when the "rubber hit's the road". with amos having picked up the E-bass a bit over 6 months ago, a lot started to shift. for one or the other reason, elias started to sit at the piano, just to play and figure out how the instrument worked.
now, he still almost daily sit's down and sings along while playing (no, it's not classical piano, of coursenot) the hymn singing as well as more modern pieces are coming together with the lyrics. filling the house with a new kind of "tunes".

but this time it was joel and amos playing some new and fresh bossa nova... and it's coming together with a deep fresh passion for it.

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