March 6, 2018

day 21 of lent

we are half way through lent, it has gone very fast, those 3 weeks. the days seem very real and clear. some days flee quickly, others are enjoyed long into the night.
i'm very aware of my commitment to not eat any chocolate or meat, to not talk bad about other people. of course i try to not talk bad about other people (slander). this one makes me think, as i'm frequently chatter and talk freely, it is never intended to slander about others, but so very quickly it ends up that way. i want to think and be more thoughtful in that regard. catch the bad before it gets out of my mouth. it makes me pause and be still, in moments i would have just rambled on...

it makes me think, also think about God and how i thirst and want more of him. realizing, that is me, giving him space in my every day and not him being absent. he is here, with me, with us people, at all times, in every space and moment of time and is freely giving. as he has given all for us to be redeemed with him through his son Jesus Christ.

Lent, the time to reflect, become aware and be filled, by letting it happen and making space.

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