March 13, 2018

looking to the mountain

the fresh green and the spring flowers i posted yesterday are nurishing and getting me all excited about the change of weather. the season of spring to come...

and then there is that migrane...
it was getting a hold of me on sunday and with some ibuprofen i was able to fend it off on monday, though had to call it an early evening. it is very unusual for me to be in a dark room, pretending to sleep, but not finding the sleep. not that the migrane was very bad, it was just there and dirsupting my life. taking away a fun evening chattering and enjoying my life in the kitchen, with the kids and other people. finaly i was able to fall a sleep and wake up at 4am with still that nagging pain. this got me up and take something. as i not usually take pain killers, the smallest ammount helps and last night, that was all i needed to go back to sleep.
gladly i had an easy day, time to just be still, to read and not run from one place to an other. a short morning run, into the city to get my favorite dinkle cereal from "bare ware". and community dinner was fixed parallel to lunch. that's what freed me up this afternoon. the vegetable lasagne is in the oven and baking on it's own. a salad is quickly being tossed together and the kids will set the dinner table for 12 people.

"When you stop thinking
happiness is always
somewhere else - you
start to find it right
where you are"
Ann Voskamp

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