March 29, 2018


 maundy thursday - Gründonnerstag

it's that very special time of year, three days before easter. we are in the middle of holy week - karwoche and tonight we go to church for a meditation and the last supper. i'm very much looking forward to the sequence of the services of this week.

dinner tonight is going to be special too. a house mate of ours is cooking "grüne sauce und kartoffeln", a traditional meal where she is from in germany (franconia).
it is simple and smelled deliciouse as she prepared all the herbs (parsli, chives, basil, oregano, dill, rucola and wild garlic) all chopped up finely and mixed with sour creme. cooked and cut eggs, some oil and vinegar are added for flavor. this is served over boiled potatoes.

and tomorrow we remember the crucifiction of jesus, a sober day and traditionally connected to egg coloring for easter sunday. a day i treasure to spend at church and crafting at home, of course some kind of nature walk is usually in it too. a season i really enjoy.

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