April 2, 2018

easter fire and all

we celebrated the resurection of christ on sunday morning. we got up before sun rise, joel and naomi made a good fire and together with friends we gathered around.
it was unexpectedly good weather, no rain no cold winds and breakfast was very special. grilling saucages and "hunting" for chocolate bunnies and colored eggs, sharing a rich meal with our brothers and sisters, singing joyful and in awe.

Christ is risen, Halleluja!

spring is arriving with this start of april, on this easter morning.
in the early afternoon we headed out to visit my parents, sharing the easter joy with our extended family. it was good to have a little time just for ourselfs. staying over night, going for a run today and enjoying the still and calm of easter monday. no nothing had to get done, no work, no homework, just be and gather the calm of today.

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