April 19, 2018

the "tool" sleeve

there is a big boy in the house and he got himself a new tool...

of course it's a fancy thing this new tool and he want's to keep it safe while carrying it around. he decided, that i, his mama, would be capable to sew a sleeve for this new machine! well, i thought, of course i would like to help him with my skills and the closet was holding some pretty "manly" fabrics. to my surprise elias liked that black fabric right away and the especially sturdy "rice bag", he felt, was a strong and sleek "fabric" to add to the design.
for padding i used a slim batting as well as a super stiff, leather like interlining. this made it easy for the computer to slip in and out without any "crumpling up" of the sleeve. it also is a sturdy kind of case for traveling in a young adults duffel...

a few outside compartments for the mouse and the "stylo" as well as some other little things.
it all turned out fine and to the young man's likeing.

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