April 17, 2018

black briar

and it is so strongly spring right now, that i had to bring it indoors!
it's all over and i want it all over, not just when i'm running and out there in the woods. i long and yearn for the bloom to join me at my kitchen table, at my workplace. and i can have it...

this little twig of "black briar" made it into my house and as we are in the technological world after edison, the little flowers are to be looked at even after dark.
i know this is not a vera natural setting, but i have to say, it does lift me up and brings joy to me.
there is an other run planned this afternoon, lots of spring "invades" my daily routine. a wonderful time of year, especially when rain is in the forecast and it does rain, yes, we need it. but at the time i have to go into the city with thea it's sunny and pleasant, so we ride our bikes along the woods into town.

o such much joy!

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