April 12, 2018

back home

looking up into the trees and far above into the sky, it is wonderous and so special. i'm glad i took the 20 hours to be gone. just away from all the work and the things waiting to be done. away from people wanting one or the other thing.
as i mentioned yesterday, time out!

and so it seemed, as if spring is springing with all it's strengths, after a long winters time out.
not wanting to add to those thoughts.

being home again, having done a bit of laundry, cooked dinner and enjoying the violin practice of our oldest son. he is getting ready for a recital in 10 days and is practicing like i don't no when it was...
yes and i do absolute love standing at my laptop and having him in my ears, going on and on and being a loud player, i'm absolutely not able to tune him out. and i don't mind it at all.

it's good to be back home!

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