April 11, 2018

time out...

it is already wednesday afternoon!
the days are flying by so fast. there is barely time to take photos, barely time to stop and sit down for a cup of tea. and then yesterday i sat in a meeting (in my backyard, right) and it got colder by the minute. for some reason we were so focused on coordinating the lessons for saturday, i absolutely didn't feel how cold i got. but after 90 minutes, having finished up the discussions and planning, said good by, i was so cold and a headache has gotten hold of me.
it was a down hill from then on, i was in bed by 8:30pm and had a warming pillow at my feet as well as around my neck. all dark and kind of still (as a house with three teenager can be...) it didn't stop, all the pounding and pulsing in my head, i got nauseous but could not through up.

five hours later, in and out of sleep after running to the bathroom a few times of fals alarm, i was finally able to let go and have it all come up. take some ibuprofen and 30 minutes later was asleep. until the morning dawned and i woke up to the birds singing, the buses starting to run, the bakery across the street getting some customers...

it's now much better and i'm on a time out day at my parents, just with thea coming along. i'm planning to go home tomorrow, but thea will stay for two more days. her school has a two day teacher conference, and that is great, as the weather is perfect and there is so much spring to discover and spend time running outside!

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