April 16, 2018

eggs and more of them

our chickens are laying eggs and we love them. in many different ways, just plain and simple as well as some fancy deviled eggs. there were egg benedict two days ago, served on a freshly home baked slice of farmers bread. soft boiled eggs are a favorit with thea. we also have some "old" cabbage and roots from last fall, those are now made into coleslaw and red beet salad. they are not really anymore among the favorite dishes, but still make for a good variety, besides the new spring greens.

i was running this morning and did a bit a different route, well it worked out to be perfect, as i came along a wonderful patch of ramson. and as i have the habit of carrying a little bag with me at all times, it was perfect for collecting and carrying the fresh ramson home. the plan beeing to make into a spring-pesto over pasta for wednesdays dinner.

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