March 26, 2018

it's golden

with a simple "head's up" the world looks bright and golden. the air is still fresh and smells of moist soil. some shrubs are in bloom and the sky is blue. all new and fresh, after the melting of this last snow we had just a week ago. the nights are still freezing but as soon as the sun comes up, we enjoy a rise in temperatur, it's already in the forties and that seems the real spring has made it's appereance.

the little walk was perfect, after thea had to be patient and could not go to her friends house, the two of us tied our hiking shoes and took the ball along for a "kick'n" hike. not long, not far, but a hike, we decided needs good shoes and so we went. good conversations and absolutely enjoyable landscape. new fresh flowers, little blooms all over the place. it was really nice.

and so is the landscape just out of town, still kind of bare, but it will not be long, before the fields will appear dark green and lush. the same to the forest, the beech trees, the mapel and what ever else is growing, not long and the sun light will not be able to float through as it is for now. running today was wonderful, the birds are easy to spot, different kinds of wood peckers as well as some of the song birds are already building nests. such a good time of the year.

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