June 12, 2018

:: more then you can eat ::

it's strawberrie time, has been for a few weeks, but some how i just managed in the past days to go to the field for an hour of picking. 24lbs in an hour, the berries are so big and so yummy and the conditions on the field are perfect. Yes i spent almost 100$ on strawberries for our 13 people household. it is a bit crazy, but the people loved all the berries and everyone could eat as much as they wanted, which is more than they ask for and a very special treat.

even for me, it was wonderful, to eat and to create little desserts, just like that, without spending any thought, if there is enough for the others...
this kind of luxury is not frequently apparent in our house with 13 people. more likely some people feel very free to eat what ever pleases them and others hold back and make sure everyone is going to have a chance of enjoying the wonderful dessert or the rather scarce meat i put on the table. for this time, everyone got spoiled and they all absolutely enjoyed it. it was my pleasure to watch all of unfold right infront of my eyes.

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