June 26, 2018

zurich :: immer diese zwinglis

walking through zurich by night, and what a night, the one when the swiss soccer just won against brasil, the qualification game in group F, at the soccer world champion ship in russia.
the wind was strong and the air warm. the sky cloudy and wonderfully painted. dusk was just setting in and the lights were a lit. a wonderfully dramatic city scape was building itself up right there before me. a few fotos had to be taken and together with thea, i absolutely enjoyed each and every moment, taking it all in and now looking at the photos again, it still makes me happy and joyful.

on an other note,
i was in zurich again yesterday, the afternoon spent at H50 getting an introduction into the short film, an animation about zwingli and the reformation in zurich. it was very interesting and i loved watching the film as well as hearing about the making of. not just the making of such a little film is a lot of work, but we also got a study guide with it, to work with youth as well as with families.
"immer diese Zwinglis".
Well you will be smiling when watching and especially listening to the english version. though it is intentionally a very swiss-english spoken word, as is the german version, to get the point across who we are as swiss german speaking people group. originally it was debated to make it in swiss german, but then it would have excluded all the foreigners living in switzerland. i feel like they got the tone quiet right and it feels very much down to earth, kind of mideavelish. the second part of the introduction to the theme, we got a "zwingli-tour" of zurich. this made the event very lively and  yup, it is true, i start loving the city more and more with all it's historical artefacts and hidden stories.

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