June 5, 2018

on to blue...

for some reason, not really planned, but it somehow just happened when i was looking through the photos of last week, i came upon this blue streak!
blue is definitely not my favorite color, but it is exciting to notice that blue line series i can take from the collection.
sometimes, a theme is popping up or striking me all of a sudden as "wow, look at this!"
i also take part in the ICAD challenge, which might have been the button to look around myself a bit more careful again. being part of such an innitiative like ICAD really helps me to take those precious moments i get to focus on a setting, on a color, on an idea. or even go hunting for it, be still for that one moment of listening into myself or around to whats inspiring me, what to grab a hold of.
more to that ICAD idea in the coming days.

for now it's that blue streak right here::

:: in my garden

:: in the hallway

:: out front with a friend

:: summer is here

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