June 28, 2018

the fields around eidberg

while running in the morning, i have been observing how the grain fields are ripening. and the first fields have been harvested at the beginning of this week. it's early, about 2 weeks prior to other years, the weather is dry, hot and sunny. we haven't had rain for the past 12 days and it will go on for an other few days. this week was windy too, the grain is ripening fast. as i noticed, that a few fields have been cut already on monday, i hopped on the bike on tuesday night. toward eidberg there were a few wonderful fields with wheat, einkorn wheat and oats. the barley has already been cut as it is the earliest grain to be harvested.
it was a lovely bike ride that evening, the sky full of moving clouds, the sun getting lower and painting dressing the landscape in a golden cloak. i rarely take the time to head out with the camera, taking an extra trip... but i did so, after putting thea to bed. thinking about the light getting warmer and less harsh as the evening progresses.

it was so different from the morning, when i was out running. i would have wanted to have the camera along too back then. the pictures would have turned out very different. well it is what it is and i like it. and even more, i'm happy that i took the spur of the moment to take those pictures. it is usually not easy for me to get out of the house, "just so" if i could stay in and finally call it a day...



 Einkorn wheat (tritticum)

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