June 19, 2018

some sewing

there is a birthday coming up soon and on her wishlist is noted, that she would like a bath towel. of course that's a reasonable wish, something i support. it's a super soft, kind a big bath towel in her favorit color, yes she loves yellow, still yellow!
with a few bits of scrap fabric there is quickly, a sailing boat, puzzled together and stitched onto that wonderful glowing towel.
i was debating, if i should also make some clouds, a hot yellow sun, or just anything else... it's fine the way it turned out and the big letter J is at the top right. so my dear niece know's this is her very own towel, as the J stands for her first name.

as i sit in the garden, a fresh breeze is comforting me. it's hot it's in the low 80is and will get even warmer in the next two days. i do love this hot weather and it reminds me of the boston summers, which i absolutely loved amidst the few humid hot days. 

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