November 19, 2008

birthday gifts

how little you need to have a fun evening to create and everything on hand and a bunch of very energetic kids!

yesterday after dinner the kids got really inspired with preparations for birthday gifts to our friend c who's birthday was today. all started with naomi drawing and stitching some nice round cards. elias picked up on the idea of stitching but wanted to do it all himself. so he got some card board and a whole puncher yarn and worked his way all the way to a great design. it was fun to see it develop, from a simple "church" like building into exciting multi coloured patterns. amos wanted to do something very different, he really wanted to make a little picture book for c, so he started out drawing pictures. when he was all done drawing, he went back to the first picture and started to give titles to every art work in the book.
i could not have been more happy with the created art we were able to hand over to our birthday friend this morning. some evenings are just remarkably joyful as well as full of positive energy!

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