November 17, 2008

whistling for thea

joel's new passion....

yes we all enjoy the presence of thea clare, she is so perfect and as newborns are, just special! the kids are all happy about having an other girl in the family, as this means, that we are even in regards to gender, as a family. i think this is funny, but it has been the topic of lots of discussions lately. i can now go through the storage bins and sort through all the cloths kept over the past few years. i guess it's the first step toward sorting out, giving away in perspectiv of our moving over, back to europ in about 9months. i cant help but think of it as a time of prepareing and being still to find strength and direction, as we had been doing for the past 9 month with me being pregnant with thea clare.

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Laura said...


I miss you guys!

*hugs to all*