November 20, 2008

chicken pie and scone....

a few days ago, the idea of chicken pie popped in my head, and i got really excited to prepare it for dinner today. i prepared some puff-pastry-dough on monday, got all the ingredients of the course of the past two days and finally i started cooking and preparing the pie form for baking. it was a lot quicker as i sought it would be and the pies turned out wonderful. in the midst of eating, i totally forgot to take a photo of the baked but not eaten pie... just imagine it, nicely golden brown crust with a wonderful savory smell to it!

and this is what i ate after preparing and shoving the pie in the fridge. a raisin scone from the bakery up the street with a cup of white tangerine tea. mmhhhh, yes it was a good afternoon.

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