November 24, 2008

old photos

a friend of mine was digging up an old photo of naomi....
yes it is naomi at 2.5 years, she is so grown up now! has become such a lady. it is appearing now more than ever, having little thea clare in my arms.

amos is still very much into caring for people, regardless of age. i was taken away, when he told me his "high of the day" a couple of days back. one of our community members had a house concert with lots of friends coming. amos's comment was: "i'm so happy t has so many friends", i almost cried. amos is thoughtful and caring for others.

the wheel of time is spinning and i guess that's a good thing. i love to flip back to old photos and savor memories of the kids very early years! the one of amos is bringing back the memory of him playing with his doll and really caring for her as much as he still does for real people.

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