November 8, 2011

a bit more weekend

i do need slow sundays once in a while they are just so very much needed in our house. lots of hanging around, playing bang with m. this has given me and thea the time to play different variations of memory games, which she loves, finding the matching pictures for cards on the board.

though games are loved and must be played even by the youngest, she needs to be running and playing outside. and she loves the swing, the fallen leafs, the play of her own shadow.

it was an easy decision, setting the lunch table out of doors, cheese quiche with tomatoes, mixed leaf salad and fresh pressed cider

and a glass of white wine. i love this one "mariage solaris", made by friends of my parents, organic farmers from the eastern part of switzerland. historically the wines of eastern switzerland have been known as rather sour. not so anymore, a wonderful wine and it's red counterpart is equally fruity.

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