November 28, 2011

the card

a few days ago a friends birthday was happening, it struck my fancy to make a card for her, instead of sending a quick email. birthdays are special and that's why i'm sending my wishes by snail mail. it's old fashioned and i love that notion.
now and then i'm fortunate enough to think of the upcoming birthday early enough to even take the time to make a card.
and this happen a couple weeks ago...
while i was looking through the scrap bag and some stash of old linens, i came upon a nice combination which suited the purpose of a little hand made design. an old inherited spool of metrosene stitching thread by mettler was in my spool box too and with the help of the circle cutter i started out.
deciding to take a moment of peace a moment of quiet instead of "wrestling" the kids into bed (that fell into joels bucket of responsibilities that evening....). a cup of spiced cider and shakespeare in my ears...

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