November 24, 2011

peanut toffee, so yummy

it has been a while since i was trying something like a peanut brittle or toffee, but it's the time of year to take those recipes out and indulge in the yummy sweet. at migros, they sold organic peanuts, i could not find any shelled once, as we are in switzerland and peanuts are not as popular as in the us.
the same with peanut butter is on the shelf in the grocery shop, but just two kinds the smooth and the one with chunks no organic or teddie's local... i do miss the organic variety with pieces in it, or also the kind which is freshly ground at the whole foods grocer or for that matter at my regular store in JP, harvest coop at center street.

the recipe called for lots of butter, lots of sugar and lots of peanuts, at the end some dark semi sweet chocolate. this sounded just perfect.

 the butter and sugar had to be cooked for a longish time. i definitely cooked it longer as called for in the recipe, as i was hulling the peanuts, which took longer as i expected. never the less this didn't matter and i was loving the contemplative work of shelling the nuts. thea was helping with this, it is somewhat busy work, but she liked to sort and kept at it for a long time.

the chocolate was just chopped finely and sprinkled on top of the hot toffee. some of it was able to cool and got eaten right away. a bit more is still in the pan, in the basement, waiting for it to be packed up and sent as little gifts to a few special friends, of whom i know they love that sweet american treat.

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Anonymous said...

Wie sieht das Endprodukt aus? Liebe Grüsse Andrea