November 16, 2011

it's november

and in the middle of november, there is not just thea's birthday but there is candle dipping next door in the community hall. of course we can'tmiss this. all of us are very enthusiastic about making candles and the workshop is set up right next door for one week. the ladies running it are very kind and helpful, so we have fun "dipping".
naomi is working totally on her own making "the perfect one"
thea was very enthusiastic about a long orange one.... and oops she let go of the wick and the candle melted in the red liquid wax pipe. no problem, so lets try a new one. brave girl, no tears just get started again once over
for elias i had a challenge, he worked on small bees wax dippers for our birthday-candle holder, so far he made three. and of course a very thick bees wax one with big decorations for himself.
i'm glad we get to do this at the workshop, they offer a big variate of colours and different finishes, a favorite of the kids is a snow star kind of glaceing. for me, i'm happy with the pure bees wax, they smell lovely. the dipping is a bit slower and even that is fine with me, it's contemplative and slowed me down for a moment of this afternoon. that's what i needed and what i so appreciate on making candles.

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