November 10, 2011

the last summer flowers

we didn't have any frost yet, even though it's already deep into november. the zinnia and calendula are now pulled and the last few flowering heads put in a vase. the calendula makes it into our dinner salad, a nice and yummy addition to the regular green lettuce.
besides working in the garden a bit this afternoon, raking leafs and pulling the summer floor i was doing laundry cooking a lamb stew for lunch and together with a few friends we held our regular german conversation group in the morning.
it is a wonderful group of women from our neighborhood gathering to learn german. they are mostly from eastern europe and the middle east. all of them moms of school aged kids, having been in switzerland for a longer time now, but never had the chance to learn german in depth. it is still a very basic conversation we try to carry through the 1h lesson. and once again i realize how difficult the german language is...
i love the women, sharing life with them is so special and thea too, is looking forward to greet them every other thursday morning.

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