November 29, 2011

indestructible art

on the left is the "kreta oregano" i'm not sure it is winter hard and as the garden bed in front of the house is not deep and not sheltered at all i didn't want to take the risk and quickly planted it into a pot. the same for the succulent, it might have survived the winter in switzerland, though i hope it will survive the winter in our livingroom...
i do know this is a risk too, especially with balls being kicked indoors without caution. o well we will see and not get too sad if accidents happen.

a last little bunch of autumn's leafs and cones on our fireplace mantel, they soon have to do too as december is creeping closer by the day.

the same is going to happen to the snail houses the real once as well as the concrete once, i love those for looks as well as for the indestructible make of them is perfect for little hands to grab and play with. what better in a house with kids, unbreakable art!
this much for the last photos, i assume before the change to absolutely winter. it still doesn't feel like snow will be covering the land around us, november has been extremely dry and warm. but it's dark now early in the evening, the candles are definitely the next thing i'm going to grab from the up stairs.

i have been spending some moments on the sewing machine, lots of fun cutting fabric for a dress. more to come soon

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