May 2, 2012

the blanket is out

the blanket got it's first outing today, the sun has been out and with some books tucked under our arms we went just out of our back door. the kids are enjoying the last few days of spring brake. especially naomi, she is trying out tennis in the mornings, and loves it! i did tell her today, that i have never held a tennis racket in my hand. let be alone, played one of those neon balls on green turf. she is mighty proud to play a sport which i never even would have considered. isn't it great to live in a city with lots of vacation week programs, many sports being offered to be tried out for a week by DWS, for very little cost. (that's how naomi got into swimming...)

so the afternoon is leisurely spent at home, we love it.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Your children are so beautiful. That book is almost as big as your daughter!! : ) So, so sweet.

~ Wendy