May 22, 2012

"granny square" sampler

i stumbled across blair's blogpost which she has posted a bit ago, and it didn't let go of me. the inspiration board was just stunning and so wonderful for the month of may. i read more and more and soon enough there was the post of the granny square sampler last week. of course i was quick to look through my bag of wool and yarns and found what i was looking for, i maybe have to add one or two strands, i'm not sure yet of what coloure, if you have an idea let me know with a comment....

it has been a while since i took the crochet hook into my hands, except to teach the kids how to do some basic knowledge. though i remember having once crochet a vest, which amazingly made it into naomi's wardrobe by last fall. the vest was being made by me in sixth grade, recalling this makes me count a many a year back, it must be about 28 years. wow, i almost can not believe this myself. but i have seen her wearing that vest, with my own eyes, and i will take a pic next time she is wearing it to give you a peak too. for the moment, naomi is not very keen to be on the blog right now, but maybe i can convince her, it would be fun.

having collected the yarn, i could not hold off, i had to start the first square. i was glad blair has already posted the first assignment: two blocks with 5 and one with 7 rounds, they will be coming soon.

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