May 14, 2012

"das verbotene land"

here is the trailer, it's a nice little glimps of the making of the opera "das verbotene land". though it's just a small window into a huge project, with over 700 kids and youth involved. some from beirut (lebanon) and most of them from winterthur (switzerland). elias was part of the stage orchestra (the musikkollegium winterthur was the main contributor of coaches and musicians). amos was practicing with about 20 kids, doing the acting. and naomi was participating with her class, they were all moles....

i can't really tell you how much work went into this opera, maybe you can tell from the following pictures that lots of kids were involved, some school classes were working just on costumes and props etc, it was wonderful to listen and beautiful to watch. and yes everything was done by kids, even the composing of the music for a full orchestra.

for the grand finale there were 350 kids on stage (from kindergardeners to young adults).

all photos by joel

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