May 31, 2012

his 13th birthday


we had a wonderful 13th birthday yesterday, even though elias got himself a full day, with school, ballet practice and 2 hours on a project (a presentation of the canton du valais). never the less the grandparents were visiting for afternoon coffee with a big strawberry cake made by grandma, o so yummy.
the garden has been a good place to celebrate, garlands hanging, a photo band decorating the tree and lots of happy  people enjoying the day.
and there was dinner, a big table all enjoying elias' favorite food, i was challenged with the request to serve asian food. so i picked thai, sticky rice, cucumber sauce, peanut sauce, and satay skewers, and yes it turned out to every ones likening.
o yes, remembering the big boy being born, the time i realized i have become a mother. i was never really contemplating or giving it a whole lot of thought how i would want to be a parent, though i absolutely love it (at least most of the times), of course there are moments when i'm puzzled and question myself about what's going on with me and around me. wow that little boy back then is a teenager, wanting to become a ballet dancer, starting off with dance academy in august!

i brace myself and learn to let go, to not hang on, to help him more than ever find his own calling. i'm just so grateful for being able to have elias in our family. belonging together knowing we share the love of life and many passions, and we learn to live together every day, not just laugh and have fun together, but also learn to forgive and love through our faith in christ.

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