May 9, 2012

"tannschoessli-latwerge" and cough-syrup

yesterday evening the boys left the dinner table early with a clear mission in mind. i was not supposed to know....
so when i called them in, they showed up with 1.5 lbs "tannenschoessli" (the new growth of conifers). i was as excited as they were and of course i quickly put some lemon and water in a big pot together with the whole harvest of the boys.
a quick rolling boil and let them soak all night long.
we have cooked latwerge two years ago, after a fun afternoon in the woods in our neighborhood, here. i was cooking the "syrup" all afternoon, it smelled as if we have a cabinet makers workshop in our kitchen... (i really liked that fact, as a trained cabinet maker i can't have enough wood smells around me, i absolutely love the smell of sap).
so there we go, at the end of this afternoon i have 11 jars of spread (some of them rather little) and one jar of cough-syrup. the one we made 2 years ago lasted and really helped a lot when we needed it.
it seems like i have not done a lot, tended the pots while boiling, though there is still an evening waiting for me.... i'm so much looking forward to bind the loulouthi quilt for thea.


affectioknit said...

What a great idea! Do you have a recipe for the cough syrup?

Have a lovely day!

barefoot mama said...

AWESOME! What a great idea! ~Barefoot Mama