May 26, 2010

tannschössli honig

last wednesday we picked the fresh new green's from pine trees, and since then we made a very tasty honey with them... as well as filling up a glass with the fresh green's and wildflower honey, we will let this one sit for about a month. the honey will liquefy and then we have our own cough syrup.

after a couple hours of cooking the soaked and drained solution, we filled a dozen jars with the "honey". it tastes very strong of pine sap, it's great, either you love it or you do not want to touch it....

naomi was designing cool labels, and we have already given some of our "treasures" away. my parents loved it, some of our friends in the house love it too, and then there are those who do not even like to put their nose too close to an open jar...

here the recipe:
500g fresh pine greens
1l water
some lemon juice
1kg sugar (we used brown sugar)

soak the greens with water for about 12hours, drain it and add the rest of the ingredients.
cook the liquid until it starts to gel. it took us a couple hours, so don't be discouraged and don't give up. you might want to add a bit more lemon juice this helps.

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Anonymous said...

So cool! I love it. I was wondering what you were doing with the pine needles. Is it new growth? How does this work?