May 27, 2010

the farm-garden

when we visited my brother at the farm i grew up on we spent a good time enjoying the garden. j has gotten really good in tending their farm-garden. i love the combination of playground and veggies, berries and flowers are all in one big area.

a big rhubarb plant is still very much at the same spot as when i grew up....
but with the desire to have the kids near by a big area is devoted to swinging with all kinds of seats and ropes. this is just the best for the kids, of course besides helping to pull weeds!
of course a big sand pit is a must and i love the way it's so naturally embedded, (sorry i forgot to take a photo of it) with an old tree trunk and different other wooden stumps it's the perfect pit.

the strawberries are now in full bloom...

a very nice border along the fence, lot's and lot's of forget me nots

and there were all kinds of colours of columbines, mixed together with lupines. in an other spot there is an area with many varieties of dahlia, i'm really looking forward to the bloom of those.
in the back of the garden is a berry patch, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, goosberry, and redcurrants!
i'm definitely going back in the summer for a lovely visit and to adore the beauty of this garden. thank you j & d for hosting us and letting us be part of your life on the farm.

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