May 18, 2010

the woods spring treasures

last week the boys were attending a survival workshop...
amos has become a fan of boiled larvae and elias prides himself of having roasted and eaten all kinds of other creatures... we usually don't eat what we stumble upon on our adventures into the woods!

and of course they also know now how to eat stinging nettle without being stung on the tongue or the benefits of making healthy "stuff" from young, green pine needles, steeping in boiling water.
and then it was a sunny afternoon (after 2 weeks of rain and drizzle and cold), we just had to go hunting for the woods treasures!
(no worries we didn't take all the young green needles of one tree and we did not harvest from healthy undergrowth)

of course it wasn't just about the "work" we did lot's of playing, running and finding things. it was fun and we will do it again, we miss the ocean but feel at home in the woods. this is a bit of a band aid after starting to miss new england's rocky and sandy spots as well.

here a little bit of a view from the woods edge toward the "city" we live, it is very pretty isn't it!
(you might notice, elias is once more on his unicycle....)

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Alicia said...

HI Daniela, just had to comment! Lovely photos, as usual. Alexa and I just finished three sessions with Children of the Earth, learning some wilderness skills also! Alexa will have so much to learn from the boys when we visit! Yesterday we learned how to identify lamb sorrel and sassafrass. Yummy! Alexa most liked learning how to build a debris shelter. Looks like Amos and Elias had a wonderful time. We miss you all.