May 19, 2010

on the swing

we spend lots of time behind the house now. after school, sandwiches on the go, music lessons, city library we were so happy to be home and in the garden. the sun peaked out, extra for us, at least that's what i believe.

amos and naomi had a blast swinging together, you would have been able to hear them screaming, shouting and laughing from across town!

elias reached two goals today, first he practiced violin at 7am to make sure his teacher was happy with his playing, he had to polish a few things on his concerto no. 5 1st movement by f. seitz. he did it!
and he finished the second harry potter, so we had to run to the big library to get the third, as it has to be in english.....

our darling thea, there is nothing to say here, she had the rock star hair!

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