May 24, 2010

the ride home

we spent the past three days, over pentecost at my parents. as we do not have a car we travel by train and bus... this takes us just 1hour 5 minutes. (it would be 35 by car...)
though it's really easy and so far fun with the kids. elias is doing it on his own, which is so nice.
this time me and the younger three went already on friday. joel and elias wanted to ride their bikes (42km) they joined us on saturday.

traveling by "turbo" that's the particular kind of regional train is easy and fast. i absolutely appreciate that there is enough space for strollers! i don't have to feel like i'm using up any some one's seat/space.

i love the country side, see the grass grow, rolling hills.

the yellow is particularly pretty right now, it's rapeseed, such a wonderful clear yellow.

and then this weekend was a busy one for each and every farmer! after just about 20 days of rain and cold and almost no sun the grass needed to be cut and dried, made into hay! lot's of it, where ever we turned our eyes grass was mowed, turned and brought in to the den. a wonderful scent was heavy in the air i love it. lot's of memories go with it, as i myself grew up on a farm. we loved the work, it was sometimes magical, to run barefoot through the dried grass (almost hay), enjoying the wide open space and the perfumed air. and then so often we quickly had to bring the hay in before a big thunderstorm hit.

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Jessica said...

I listen to this song a lot with Zinedin and Niaz. Now I will think of you!

In spring we sow the harvest mow,
And that is how the seasons round they go,
But of all the seasons chose I may,
It's to ramble in the new mown hay.

For I like to rise when the sun she rises,
Early in the morning,
I like to hear the small birds singing,
Merrily upon the leylan,
And hurrah for the life of a country boy,
And to ramble in the new mown hay.

In winter when the skies are grey,
We hedge and we ditch our time away,
In summer when the sun shines gay,
We go rambling in the new mown hay.