May 12, 2010


ascension day is traditionally celebrated on a thursday, the fortieth day from easter day. It's not that everyone is going to church that day, but i love to go and celebrate in our church family.
the observance of this feast is of antiquity. although no documentary evidence of it exists prior to the fifth century, st. augustine says that it is of apostolic origin, and he speaks of it in a way that shows it was observed of the church long before his time.
we remember of jesus ascension too, in the apostles creed: 'ascendit ad caelos, sedet ad dexteram Patris omnipotentis' - he ascended into heaven, he is seated at the right hand of the Father.

living our every day life by observing the church calendar is helpful for me to keep a rhythm. it's challenging as it calls us to stillness in our often so hectic lives. halting and being still before God, resting and at the same time living to glorify our creator. i guess that's not just for tomorrow's ascension day, but as i said before, for those special days in our liturgical year.
so for me it's take a brake, and be still...

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