May 4, 2010

rainy weathr

finally we get some rain, it's so much needed, as april was very sunny.
indoor activities are for some of us preferred and so it's not surprising we enjoy the rain as it gives some of us an excuse to not leave the cozy home.
as for me, i enjoy a quick walk in any weather and so i have been out yesterday and already this morning, and it is good for my soul!

the has gotten in the habit of riding the family horse...
i remember just too well how i loved the little bell, which is in the horses tummy as it rolls back and forth.

amos learned a new game of cards, called jassen (sorry this link is only in german) and of course everyone has to play now....

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Alicia said...

We love the chicken coop and are so excited to meet the ladies! Alexa also wants to learn Amos's new card game, we will look into it to see if we can find it here.