June 13, 2012

granny sampler week 3 & 4, plus

here we go i'm hooked, yes i really enjoy this project of the granny sampler and besides the once i show you here. its the week 3 and week 4 squares. i did a few more on my own. i discovered this book (it is also available in german), just perfect to venture out on my own. and as it is a sampler i'm working on i'm sure there is room for such creativity.
i'm already curious about friday's assignment, we will see. i also started to work with different other materials, it's fun and so quick and so exciting to see how the squares appear in my hands.
i kind of put my knitting project aside, it's lace knitting and it just takes so much focus. with the kids in the house there is no way getting anywhere with that project. it will come back i'm sure.

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