June 19, 2012

week 5 and a bit of history

it's already way into the "grannie square afghan sampler" project, and i love it a lot. i'm drawn to the simplicity of this project so far, just yarn and hook, and some good written squar instructions. i love the fact, that i can't go wrong with colour, just using up all those little balls of wool and yarn from earlier projects. being reminded of what i have been creating in the past couple years makes it even more fun. and i added a bag of leftovers from my mother in law. a nice notion to incorporate family in my work, my mother in law is a pro at handy crafts, be it sewing or knitting, in the house i met my now husband, just about 20 years ago, all the curtains were lace knit ones. beautiful and so exquisite, i still admire her for it. her housewarming gift for us were also lace knit window decorations for our kitchen window. with lots of love and passion. thank you e for all the love and kindness you showed me as your daughter in law.

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