June 28, 2012

music and food

the first time since we moved to switzerland, joel got his musician friends together at our house. the plan was, to learn some new tunes and have a good evening together. i really didn't plan to play a big role that night, though what i was able to contribute would be some delicious appetizers.
savory puffy pastry rolls and the wonderful fig and walnut  tapenade with goat cheese and thin slices of baguette. there were also a few brown bananas which needed to be backed into bread, so that i did.
of course the beer couldn't be missed, i got a hop beer from the area a "stammheimer hopfen braeu" and some yummy fruit juice for the ones who just don't drink...
i loved the evening, the guys too and the boys were sitting with them for a bit too. i could not convince elias to play along... would have been too nice, though he loved the listening. i'm so glad we can experience the music making right here in our house, as a family, each enjoying their part in it. thank you to joel and his friends, for letting us listen and enjoy it.
they do play sessions on a regular basis in affoltern a. albis at the "dublin city", usually the last wednesday of the month.

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Ellen said...

Looks like a lovely evening. Do you have a recipe for the fig and walnut tapenade?