June 4, 2012

stamping with a tulip

last week was a perfect moment to take the acryl paints out. of course thea would love to use them every day all day...
though i'm not up for it at any given day. so we enjoyed the moment of painting/stamping together quiet a bit. and i was motivated to try some new stamping technique. as i spotted that huge tulip capsule in the garden just the other day. we cut it apart and loved to play with the colours. we also tried to use the tulip stamen to do some printing, though this was a bit tricky for thea as she loves to press hard to her stamp. so we left that one on the side.
the card turned out nice, it was for her special brother's 13th birthday!
and yes i will be braver again and take out the paints more often. especially as we are enjoying the summer weather now and the painting can take place out of doors and with not much clothing to wear for thea. that makes both of us very happy.

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simona said...

what a neat idea, what a cool stamp! her expression on that first picture is adorable!