June 20, 2012

yellow and the orange crutches

yes we have a boy on crutches.... since tuesday evening. he stepped on a hazardous piece of root, sticking out of the earth, after having cut off all the greens of the bush. it is my fault for not having cleared off the remaining trunk-root pieces of it last summer. so far it has not been a problem, we all maneuvered around it and no one has even stumbled. playing soccer in our little back yard, is of course heating up the kids and their spirits were flying high on tuesday evening, no time or even faint thought of having to watch out where one steps.
amos got himself a pretty deep cut in the foot, by stepping on it. we had to consult the doctor, the good man he is, (he didn't send us to the ER), he told us to quickly stop by the practice and he will take a look. of course it was not just a look, he did some thorough cleaning and sending amos home with us with crutches and the very clear order to not go to school, to rest the foot and not put any pressure on it. this is not easy for a 10 year old boy who is jumpy and energetic. though the love for books is of course a big help right now.
this morning i was at the library with thea, we got a good big bag full of treasures.

i also have gotten some sewing done, the weather is hot and humid and plastic is not nice on his skin so i got some fabric scraps and sewed those little covers. he loves them and i'm happy enabling him to go on a bit longer excursions with the crutches.
in all the adventure of this injury, he was wearing his bright yellow t-shirt, which reminded me strongly of the wonderful sunflowers. a happy flower to keep me cheered up and i still feel i'm on the sunny side of life.

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