April 16, 2013

a quick sight bevore...

we went to zurich this past sunday. the main reason, to hear the concert of the choir from the gymnasium unterstrass.
o i was wonderful, the grossmuenster the perfect location to listen to such a huge choral project. (that's what they sang, though not them performing). the main focus was cantate 131 "Aus der Tiefen rufe ich, Herr, zu Dir".
it was a build up with a choral, musical interludium, and the whole church was taken over by the voices, starting in the hallways and balcony, building up to sing the center piece in the front. wonderful, experimental and very solid music and singing.
thank you s & c for taking naomi and me along.

the photos have been taken at the "chinderumzug" at this years "sächsilüüte"

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