April 15, 2013

monday :: sunny monday

 all photos by joel

 a wonderful weekend we all enjoyed. joel the boys and thea went for a bike ride, of course amos was super excited to ride his "new" bike which joel and him bought at the "veloboerse" on saturday. i'm happy too, as he looked like a big mikey mouse on his old bike, which seemed to me, has shrunk... all is well now and he is super happy.
the day lent itself perfectly to do some out of doors activity, sunny and high sixties, who would have thought after freezing temperatures last week. we take it gladly and it is a matter of almost only hours for the tulips to bloom!
not much more to say, really not, as i want to go back outside and get the wonderful dry laundry from the garden. it's the first time this year i hung outside. i love to hang outside as the smell and freshness of air dried laundry is something wonderful.
this for monday. what is your monday bringing you?

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