April 10, 2013

nadja :: the shrug

finally i knit the first couple needles on my shrug. i have been wanting to and just didn't do it. so here we are.
a hard start, many times i started with the cast on over and over again. i'm not used to do so, but for some reason i just wasn't able to either concentrate or then it didn't make any sense what i was doing. well i love the wool so there is really no complaining on that side, and what does it matter, i love the piece as seen on quince & co. so there we go, i'm seeing it as a work in progress and learning how to go forward and some undoing and then again doing...
the nadja shrug will be for my own shoulders and right now that's a good motivation to do and undo and do again.

about the living room, the carpet is ripped out, the tiles are being hammered and splintered apart and carried out as i write...

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