April 4, 2013

renovating the livingroom

finally we are taking on the task of renovation...
it has been on our minds for a while now, the carpet in the living room has been a mess and a new coat of paint doesn't hurt either. just a couple months ago one of the people living with us tried out the fire place... except he didn't open the chimney damper! and yes the whole house smelled like smoke house for a long time and the living room in particular got a bit blackened. it was not too bad, but we knew that we have to plaint and get to work.
so here we are, stripping down, putting all the furniture into the garage (ha, it's good to not own a car and still have a garage...). one of the community guys has been vaccuming the whole room, sealing and walls..., joel did lot's of scraping at a spot where there was, long ago, a leak from the shower upstairs. and finally i put covered up all the wooden frames and doors.
there will be more to show for i a couple weeks.
the floor will be ripped out by monday and then sanded by a professional. the floor guys will also put down a new bamboo floor.
i know it sounds pretty exotic and it took me a while to decide, but the convenience of a very hard floor which is not tile or stone, as there is no floor heating. carpet was not really an option i considered as we have over a dozen people living in this house, running in and out. the living room has direct access to our garden (sand box, dirt, wood chips and small pebbles).
lets get to work!

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